On November 14th, Corlex Capital partners Jeff Kolton and Jake LaJoie, along with the firm’s strategic advisor Joe Remsa and celebrity ramen chef Ivan Orkin, participated on the “Fine Dining to Fast Casual…How to Build a Concept That’s a Scalable Brand” panel at the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference. The panelists discussed the trend among top chefs looking to create secondary scalable brands, and their experiences dealing with the challenging process.

There is a trend among top chefs looking to create secondary scalable brands, due to the fact that food and labor are too high to make money in fine dining urban markets. It’s actually very difficult to do, for reasons most chefs don’t even understand. Having recently gone through the process of developing the fast casual “spin off” for chef Ivan Orkin’s Ivan Ramen restaurants, the panelists addressed the real difficulties and how to avoid common problems to an audience of restaurant executives, multi-unit operators, investors and top chefs from around the country.

The Restaurant Finance & Development Conference is known as the restaurant “dealmakers” event, as attendees have the opportunity to meet with representatives of banks, finance companies, investment banks, private equity firms, M&A specialists, real estate developers, business brokers and other financial intermediaries to find financing, make deals and locate new business opportunities.

Check out the full panel discussion here: https://www.restfinance.com/2018-Audio-Sessions/?previewmode=on