Firm Overview

Corlex Capital is an independent financial sponsor that has redefined the private equity model by leveraging our knowledge capital through a two-step process: an initial de-risking of investments through in-depth operational and financial audits, which then allows us to fund the business and deliver higher risk-adjusted returns.

While we are fundamentally a principal equity investor, our platform is differentiated by our complementary consulting practice. Through consulting, Corlex is able to gain intimate knowledge about businesses and their people, enabling us to develop value enhancement plans that can be funded through our principal investing business. This approach delivers improved revenue and profits for business owners, while allowing Corlex to de-risk its principal investments.

In addition to our consulting and principal investing services, Corlex also operates a debt advisory practice. Our work here consists of raising debt capital to support growth initiatives by marketing the client to our proprietary database of traditional and non-traditional lenders. Corlex also offers franchisee management services, where we help underperforming multi-unit developers increase their system sales and EBITDA to position themselves for a cash-positive exit.

Finally, Corlex participates in minority set-aside contracts, where there is a mandate to award a percentage of an overall contract to an individual/firm that meets the stated criteria for a minority set aside.

Corlex’s seasoned team and dedicated network of strategic operating partners and advisors have spent decades in private equity, investment banking, credit, operations and law. This in-depth experience empowers Corlex to deliver insightful and productive solutions to the lower middle market with a focus on the franchise, restaurant, retail and service sectors in the United States and Canada.