Corlex Capital is an independent financial sponsor that has redefined the private equity model by combining intellectual and financial capital to be thoughtful and impactful in every engagement. Let us show you how we do it.

Our Proprietary Process

While we are fundamentally a principal equity investor, our platform is differentiated by our complementary consulting practice, through which we have access to intimate knowledge about businesses and their internal operations. By offering this service, we gain a comprehensive understanding of our client’s business, which allows us to develop value enhancement plans that are then funded through our principal investing business. This approach delivers improved revenue and profits for business owners, while allowing Corlex to de-risk principal investments and drive higher risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders.


We leverage our industry expertise and operations experience to provide strategic, operations and financial consulting. During these consulting engagements we partner with company owners to develop a value enhancement plan, detailing the actions needed to improve the growth and profitability of their company. We then assist the company with executing the value enhancement plan, or if execution of the plan requires additional capital, help prepare the company for recapitalization through our debt capital raising consulting business. Alternatively, if execution of the value enhancement plan requires an equity investment, we may make a direct investment into the company through our principal investing business.

Principal Investing

We are an independent sponsor making equity investments in companies where we can leverage our deep industry expertise and extensive operations experience to create significant value, and higher risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders.

  • Companies: EBITDA typically between $5 million and $25 million
  • Sectors: Franchise and multi-unit franchisees (e.g., restaurant, retail, and service) and business services (e.g., construction, financial, government, veteran and minority owned)
  • Regions: Focus on North American based companies and opportunistically with companies that have international expansion opportunities
  • Investment Structures: Control or minority equity investments
  • Investment Types: Growth/Acquisition Capital; Recapitalizations; Family-Owned Business Transfers; Management/Corporate Buyouts; Corporate Divestitures

Debt Capital Raising

Corlex Capital leverages its extensive investment and credit underwriting experience to provide debt capital raising consulting. During these consulting engagements we get to know the company and gather the information necessary for lender due diligence. We also assist with the preparation of a financial forecast, help develop lender marketing materials, recommend capital structure alternatives, and leverage our extensive database of traditional and non-traditional lender relationships to identify the best lenders to whom the transaction should be marketed. Lastly, we help market transactions to lenders and negotiate credit documents to ensure market pricing and terms are achieved.