What We Do

Principal Investing

Corlex is an independent sponsor making equity investments in companies within the franchising, restaurant, retail and service sectors, where we can leverage our deep industry expertise and extensive operations experience to create significant value and higher risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders.


Corlex leverages its sector and operations experience to provide strategic, operational and financial consulting. During these consulting engagements, we partner with company owners to develop a value enhancement plan, detailing the actions needed to improve the growth and profitability of their company. We then assist the company with executing the value enhancement plan, and if execution of the plan requires additional capital, we (typically) make a direct investment into the company through our principal investing business, and/or help prepare the company for recapitalization through our debt capital raising consulting business.

Franchisee Management Services

Corlex believes that external factors, such as increased occupancy costs, labor shortages, wage pressures, rapid technological changes, e-commerce and delivery challenges, and legislative burdens, are continuing to have a strong impact on franchisee growth opportunities. Corlex has created a deep and elite team of seasoned franchise operators to help meet such challenges.  Through these strategic operating partners, Corlex has the ability to help underperforming multi-unit developers increase both their system sales and EBITDA to position themselves for a cash positive exit. Our management services create alignment between developers and their franchisors and are most effective with territories or systems generating $20MM or more in annual gross revenue within the restaurant and service industries.

Debt Advisory Consulting

Corlex leverages its extensive investment and credit underwriting experience to provide debt capital raise consulting, gather information for lender due diligence and assist with the preparation of financial forecasts. We help develop lender marketing materials and recommend capital structure alternatives while leveraging our extensive database of lender relationships to identify the best lenders to whom the transaction could be marketed. Corlex also helps market transactions to lenders and negotiate credit documents to ensure market pricing and terms are aligned and achieved.

Minority Set Aside Contracts

Minority Set Asides (MSA) are typically associated with large public/private initiatives where there is a mandate to award a percentage of the overall contract to an individual or firm that meets the stated criteria. Corlex partner Jason Bedasse (JB) has obtained this mandate and the firm is looking to leverage his status into additional relevant executable opportunities.