Secret Sauce

Franchises are service-oriented businesses that rely on standardized processes. But people are the key to successfully running these operationally intensive businesses.

Franchise businesses face the competing demands of recruiting motivated team members and keeping them satisfied while enforcing the franchisor’s repeatable processes that have proven to be successful. Corlex believes the most successful franchisees are people-centric.

Dysfunctional teams will cause even the best processes to fail.

Corlex’s secret sauce starts and ends with our people. Seth Salzman, our President of Management Services, grew up in Long Island, NY, and took his first job at McDonald’s at age 14. He’s been working in restaurants ever since. Over the course of several decades. Seth has worked and led teams in all sorts of food genres including burgers, pizza, wings, and Mexican.
But no matter the type of food, Seth always focused on the people first and then the process. Whether it be in person, or on the phone, engaged employees drive customer loyalty and sales growth. Corlex believes that motivated and accountable people are our real competitive advantage. We take the time to coach, teach, and motivate each team member to raise them up and earn their trust and extra effort in serving the customer and the business.