Why we’re different

Corlex Capital is a minority-owned private equity and consulting firm that is focused on the multi-unit franchising industry. The firm was founded in 2016 by a group of executives who recognized that the key to success in franchising is having the right combination of processes and people. While repeatable processes are important, people make the business.

Although we are investors at heart, Corlex’s differentiator is our in-house operations team that brings decades of operating experience to the assets we steward. Over the course of human history, talent is the commodity for which demand has always exceeded supply. Superior outcomes are driven by our talented people, their ability to teach and raise up team members in the field, and dedication to the repeatable processes that make franchised business so attractive.

Corlex also provides creative debt advisory services for closely held companies and private equity sponsors looking to source debt capital to grow or strengthen their businesses. Success in this arena stems from Corlex’s years of experience executing debt transactions with both traditional and non-traditional lenders. Finally, Corlex offers franchisee management services to multi-unit developers, franchisors, or banks that require operational support or a turnkey management team.

Johnathan Marchel, JB Besasse, and Stephen Raneri